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Retrograde femur intramedullary nails

Retrograde femur intramedullary nails
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Nail enables closed, locked osteosynthesis and it can be used with the advantage for fractures of distal femur type A and C according to AO classification. The level of breakage line above femur intercondylar fossa roof is the crucial factor for osteosynthesis indication by antegrade or retrograde intramedullar nail. Indication for osteosynthesis by antegrade locked nail is in case that the breakage line of distal fragment gets min. 5 - 6 cm above intercondylar fossa roof. For osteosynthesis by retrograde locked nail in case that the breakage line of distal fragment reaches 3 - 4 cm above intercondylar fossa roof.

Nails are hollow, have a circular cross-section.
Nails of 10,5 mm diameters have a distal part of 35 mm wider to diameter 11,5 mm.
Nails of size 12,5 mm have the same diameter along the whole nail.

The nail is universal, can be used in the left and also in the right limb. The nail is hollow that enables its implantation on a guide rod.
The sizes are: 200, 250, 300 and 350 mm in diameters 10,5 mm and 12,5 mm.
The nails are made of Titanium Ti 6 Al 4 V ELI ISO 5832-3.

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