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Femoral intramedullary nail

Femoral intramedullary nail
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Femoral intramedullary nail enables synthesis of the femur body. They are not suitable for stabilization of proximal or distal fractures of this bone. Nails are hollow without groove on the surface, have a circular cross-section. MEDIN has at its disposal nails of diameter 10-15 mm, sizes 320-500 mm. Nails of 10 mm diameters have a part of 22 mm wider to diameter 11,5 mm, diameters 12 mm to 13 mm, diameters 13 mm to 14 mm, diameters 15 mm are not done. The femoral nails are designed in a way that the strengthen proximal part do not have to be considered and the pre-drilling is according to the nail diameter (we generally pre-drill the diameter 1mm larger than the chosen diameter of the nail). The nail is slightly bent so that it makes a circle sector with a semi diameter of 2,3 mm. The part that is not strengthened has 3 mouldings. The nail is universal, can be used in the left and also in the right femur. The nails are made of implant steel ISO 58321E or Titanium Ti 6 Al 4 V ELI ISO 5832-3.
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